Leeward Coast Ceramic Coating

As a result, proper application of industry-grade Leeward Coast Ceramic Coating can give a superior and more durable solution to traditional waxing and sealants.

What is Leeward Coast Ceramic Coating?

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As a liquid polymer, ceramic coating is a semi-permanent to permanent paint coating that chemically bonds to the paint’s clear coat. By microscopically filling inconsistencies in the paint, the chemical bond increases the density of your vehicle’s clear coat. The additional hardness creates a hydrophobic (water repellant) effect that also provides more resistance to corrosion and abrasions.

As a result, proper application of industry-grade ceramic coating can give a superior and more durable solution to traditional waxing and sealants.

What Ceramic Coating Can Do

Leeward Coast Ceramic Coating

UV Damage Protection

The sun’s UV rays can damage your paint, just like your skin. Exposure to the sun causes paint to lose its sheen and fade over time due to oxidation. This leaves your vehicle looking washed out no matter how much you try to polish it.

Protect your car the way you protect your skin from the aging effects of the sun’s UV rays. Add ceramic coating to your vehicle for more protection against the ultraviolet rays that damage your paint.

Leeward Coast Ceramic Coating

Corrosion and Abrasion Protection

The increased density of ceramic coating gives your paint added protection against harmful contaminants, like those in bird droppings. A layer of quality ceramic coating can better defend against discoloration and etching.

Although it does not make your paint indestructible, ceramic coating can reduce the chance of minor abrasions that can occur from environmental hazards like dirt and debris.

Leeward Coast Ceramic Coating

Easier Cleaning and Maintenance

Who doesn’t want to get more for less? The hydrophobic property of ceramic coating helps to keep your vehicle cleaner for longer and makes washing a breeze. Even better, you can stop worrying about waxing too.

The ceramic coating doesn’t wear off like traditional waxing and sealants and can last years before needing additional attention. Quicker, easier, and not as often sounds like a deal that’s hard to beat.

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Showroom Look

Even with all the benefits of additional protection, the most standout quality of the ceramic coating is the eye-catching shine left on your vehicle. Maybe even better than when you bought it, the ceramic coating gives your paint an extra pop with its high gloss finish.

So whether you want to lock in that shiny new car look or show off custom details, the ceramic coating will make your vehicle look like it just left the showroom.

Leeward Coast Uses Only Quality Products

Leeward Coast strongly believes in excellent quality and uses only the best products. That’s why Leeward Coast exclusively uses Chemical Guys products.

It is essential to use the proper chemicals and detailed methods to maintain the quality and standard of a professional service. Therefore, Leeward Coast suggests using only professional chemicals such as Chemical Guys to preserve the quality of your ceramic, followed by your vehicle’s exterior and interior detail.

Leeward Coast Ceramic Coating
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